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#40 River

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Nov. 2018

#37 Come True

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Mar. 2019

#17 Satori

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Dec. 2020


Emotional Energetic Post-Hardcore | Influnces: Falling In Reverse, Bring Me The Horizon, Twenty One Pilots ...

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Vocals: Ro Seven • Guitars: Billy Oldboy & Alex Gorst • Bass: Dani "Crazy" Schöneberg • Drums: Niko Van Laak


Come True

Save Me (Live)

The Edge Of Reason are delivering powerful, high-energy and above all deep infectious emotions. Mixing Post-Hardcore, alternative rock and synth elements with a fresh unique approach.

If you like Falling in Reverse and Bring Me The Horizon mixed with a pinch of Twenty One Pilots and a breeze of Scandroid, you will love The Edge Of Reason.

Focusing on getting asses out of seats, they bring an emotional and thrilling experience to the stage. After extensively touring on the DIY circuit and performing at over 100 venues in Germany and East Europe, they are a live experience you do not want to miss.

What The Edge Of Reason defines, besides their music, is the very close relationship with their fans and experiencing the journey through life's challenges together with them. Based on their own struggles, they are ardent mental health advocates.

''SATORI'' their latest effort, featuring Michael Vampire (Dead Girls Academy), independently released on Dec 4th, 2020, debut at #17 on the iTunes Rock Charts represents the hard work, dedication, sacrifice, belief and focus on their future.

The singles "River" and "Come True" out of their second album STING reached #40 and #37 in the iTunes Rock Charts. It was mastered by Joey Sturgis, who has already done some magic on the sound for bands like Asking Alexandria or I See Stars.



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