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Emotional Post-Hardcore

Emotional Post-Hardcore

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"Keep listening to music, it gets you through everything.
I promise." - Mitch Lucker(Suicide Silence)

We do not look for new fans. We look for new family members!

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I wish you will be exorcized out of me. You are more evil as someone can be...

Brainwash Me (Music Video)


Album #1
Broken But Not Torn

Broken But Not Torn Album

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Satori Single

One Way Ticket

One Way Ticket Single

We make Emotional Post-Hardcore using a pinch of 80s synth with a modern twist. Once a fan said we sound like Falling in Reverse married with Bring Me The Horizon having a child with Twenty One Pilots.

Y'all can clearly see a broken leg in plaster. But you can‘t see shards in someone‘s soul. Based on our everyday battles, we fight for more mental health awareness and use music as therapy. We speak through our lyrics and hope to help you feel understood.

What defines us, besides our music, is our very close relationship with our fans and experiencing the journey through life's challenges together with them.

Actually, we are not looking for new fans. We're looking for new family members! Come join us at https://teor.de/fam/

Never Give Up!

Our single "Satori", featuring Michael Vampire (Dead Girls Academy, Vampires Everywhere) reached #17 in the iTunes Rock Charts.

Mental Health Matters

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