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Inner distinction — Swaying between excessive pleasure and deep despair — Broken But Not Torn

The Edge Of Reason (aka TEOR) is a Rock band, founded 2012 in Regensburg, Germany.
Musically, driving rhythms meet with very catchy melodies with partial punky and rocky elements. The dynamic combination of brutal shouts and growls with the extraordinary clean voice of lead vocalist Ro Seven lends the band unmistakable character.

The lyrics deal mostly with psychological problems, the struggle with reality and the insatiable desire to change these.

After a two-year break due to line-up changes, the debut album '' Broken But Not Torn '' was released in June 2017.

The single "River", released on November 16, 2018, reached #40 in the iTunes Rock Charts and offers a first and thrilling outlook on the second full-length album, which will be released by STF Records in October 2019. RIVER is mastered by Robin Schmidt from 24-96-Matsering.

All releases were produced by Johannes Wenisch (room4studios).

For already four singles, TEOR have released impressive music videos.

Through their videos and numerous live concerts the band is developing a growing fanbase. In 2013, The Edge Of Reason played as support for Audrey Fights Back (now Death Come Cover Me) and 2017 at the Openair Weigendorf, on which also Annisokay and Emil Bulls where represented. In 2018, TEOR rocked Woodstock Ukraine on the mainstage at prime time.

Singer Ro, the guitarists Alex and Billy, Drummer Niko and bassist Dani convince through energetic and thrilling live shows.

Ro Seven

Vocals, Scream, Growl

Billy Oldboy

Guitar, Vocals

Alexander Gorst


Niko van Laak


Dani Schöneberg

Bass guitar



2018 River

River Single

01. River

Play time: 03:40


2017 Broken But Not Torn

Broken But Not Torn Album

01. Unstoppable
02. Is She Worth It
03. Rubber Strap
04. Dog Eat Dog
05. Loved A Liar
06. These Pills
07. Wanna Give You Wings
08. Still Alive
09. Perpetuum Mobile
10. Voodoo
11. Save Me

Play time: 41:00


2013 Prison Of Terror

Prison Of Terror Single

01. Prison Of Terror

Play time: 05:27


2012 How Can I Drop This Mask

How Can I Drop This Mask Album

01. How can I drop this Mask
02. Wanna Give You Wings
03. Suffer
04. And I Wash You Away
05. When I Was Weak
06. Honey Bacon (Acoustic)

Play time: 24:26